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The goal is to deliver individualized, customized care. Every person is different, has their own needs, and their own story. Solcara’s goal is to tap into each patients' health and wellness goals and to bring them to their optimized "best-self".

People will always and forever be our focus.

"Truly a concierge experience that changes the healthcare model. They focus on wellness, not illness."

Lively Up
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My Story, Mission, and Vision

Ashley Harwyn,

When I was in my early 20s, I was on a very different trajectory until a member of my family became ill and was diagnosed with a heart defect. That moment all my plans came to a halt and forced me to re-evaluate my priorities. It was then that I entered the world of medicine and enrolled into PA school.​ Soon after beginning my studies, I went on my first medical mission trip to Uganda.

During that trip I was humbled by the faith placed in me to heal each patient. I found my calling by helping the women of the village deal with intimate, personal traumas and health-related insecurities.  After serving on  several other medical mission trips around the world, I began to recognize that despite our vast cultural and economic differences, there was a commonality amongst us all that binds us together.

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Ashley Harwyn, PA-C

I started Solcara Health to develop ways to heal differently than others, and to help fulfill my mission and vision to serve patients with the best and most personalized health care.  Some cliche's of “medicine with a smile” actual ring true in my case, and my positive approach to medicine and wellness helps inspire our slogan - Lively Up Your Health, which we aim to bring to our patients every day.

Ashley Harwyn, Physician's Associate - Certified (PA-C), is the founder and owner of Solcara Health, LLC. Ashley moved to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina from Maui, Hawaii and has lived and traveled globally, bringing a unique perspective to her medical care.

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How it Works


Comprehensive Lab Insights

You will receive a complete and thorough lab panel, allowing us to delve deep into your body's intricate chemistry. This essential baseline empowers us to understand your individual requirements fully.

Personalized Consultation

Upon receiving your lab results, we dedicate a full hour to an insightful session. During this time, we actively listen to your concerns and aspirations, all while meticulously analyzing your lab findings. This collaborative dialogue sets the stage for a journey personalized to you.

customized healing strategy

Walking away from your initial appointment, you'll hold a tailored plan of care primed to initiate your healing process. Crafted with precision and care, this strategy aligns with your objectives, giving you the best possible start.

ongoing progress tracking

Your goals are our goals. We're with you every step of the way, scheduling regular follow-up appointments to track your progress. This approach ensures you stay on course and make consistent headway towards your milestones.

empathetic care, always

At Solcara Health, we stand by the belief that every individual's voice deserves to be heard. This is why we are committed to delivering the highest quality of care, tailored to your unique journey. Your well-being is our priority.
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