Fotona HAIRestart

Fotona HAIRestart

Your Solution to Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Are you ready to bid farewell to hair loss and embrace a full head of luscious locks? Solcara Health presents Fotona HAIRestart, a cutting-edge laser hair growth stimulation therapy using the remarkable Fotona SMOOTH® mode. Say goodbye to hair worries and hello to confidence!

How Fotona HAIRestart Works

Fotona's HAIRestart® therapy harnesses the unique Fotona SMOOTH® mode, operating at the optimal infrared Er:YAG wavelength (2.94 μm), precisely tailored to maximize skin absorption. What sets this patented technology apart is its gentle, non-ablative approach. It delivers precise thermal pulses that provide therapeutic temperature profiles to your scalp tissue, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

The Science Behind the Laser

Research reveals that during a HAIRestart® session, the laser's thermal pulsing on your scalp activates skin signaling pathways. This triggers the production of growth factors and new extracellular matrix proteins, setting off the rejuvenation process. The hair cycle is supercharged, leading to faster transitions from telogen to anagen phases. The result? Increased hair density and thickness. Laser therapy also enhances vasodilation and neoangiogenesis, boosting blood flow to the dermal papilla.

HAIRestart Results and Benefits

Expect remarkable outcomes with Fotona HAIRestart:

  • Improved blood supply to hair follicles
  • Activation of the hair growth cycle
  • Increased hair density and thickness
  • Prevention of further hair loss
  • Stops further hair loss in its tracks
  • Increases hair density and thickness
  • Stimulates new follicle growth
  • Non-invasive and painless treatment
  • Medication-free solution
  • Minimal to no downtime

**There have been several clinical studies of HAIRestart® which have demonstrated high efficacy and an absence of adverse effects. Significant improvement of hair growth along with increased hair density, and a stabilization of hair loss were reported, regardless of AGA (androgenetic alopecia) grade, patient age or hair loss duration. In other studies, patients reported subjective feedback as well, describing a more elastic and less dry scalp, and thicker, more durable, healthier and denser hair than previously.**

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Your journey to revitalize hair begins here at Solcara Health. Say hello to confidence and let your hair shine with Fotona HAIRestart.

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