annual full panel labs

annual full panel labs

Annual Full Panel Labs are a key part of the Solcara Health system. At Solcara, we offer comprehensive and specialized lab tests that help our patients get the best care possible. Our Annual Full Panel Labs provide an extensive range of services to ensure the health and wellbeing of our patients. From bloodwork, urine tests, and other diagnostics, all of which give us insight into our patient's overall health and wellness.

At Solcara, we understand that regular testing is essential for maintaining good health, so we make sure our Annual Full Panel Labs are as thorough as possible. Our labs include complete blood counts (CBCs), metabolic panels (also known as chemistries) including renal panel (kidney function tests) and liver panel (liver function tests), comprehensive lipid panel (cholesterol & triglyceride testing), thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) level, and urinalysis.

These tests are all essential in diagnosing potential issues with our patients' health, such as anemia, diabetes, kidney disease, or thyroid disorders. Our lab technicians check a wide range of parameters within each individual test, including hematocrit levels, electrolyte levels, albumin levels and more.

At Solcara Health we also understand the importance of providing our patients with quick results. As soon as a lab request is received it is processed in our laboratories quickly and efficiently to provide timely feedback on any health concerns or abnormalities that may be present. We go the extra mile to ensure that our patients get the best care possible and have a comprehensive understanding of their health status.

At Solcara Health, we believe that annual full panel labs are essential in helping maintain good health and detecting potential problems before they become more serious illnesses or conditions. Our aim is always to provide our patients with the best quality care and that involves performing comprehensive tests, providing timely results and offering at-home testing services. We understand the importance of keeping track of our patients’ health status, so we have made sure that all processes are as quick and efficient as possible.

What's Included in Full Panel Labs:

• Complete Blood Count

• Thyroid & Antibodies

• Inflammation

• Cholesterol

• Nutrient Deficiencies

• Sex Hormones

• Adrenal/Cortisol

• Complete Metabolic Panel (Kidney, Liver, Electrolytes)

• Cardiac Health

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