Enhance sensitivity, improve incontinence & improve lubrication

The O-Shot®, also known as the Orgasm Shot®, is a patented treatment for increased sexual pleasure, reduction of urinary incontinence and improved vaginal lubrication. ​​If you’re a woman who suffers from diminished sensitivity, inability to achieve an orgasm, or urinary incontinence the O-Shot® at Solcara in Mt Pleasant, SC may be a solution for you. ​​The O-Shot® uses your body’s natural resources to rejuvenate your most private area.


Take control of your intimate wellness

Urinary Incontinence

  • It is extremely common for women to experience urinary incontinence after experiencing child birth.
  • It is even more common when a woman loses internal vaginal wall collagen support as they age.
  • While some women have extreme symptoms requiring surgery, medications or other treatments , many more women have mild to moderate symptoms.
  • These mild to moderate symptoms can be treated with the O-Shot® at Solcara Health in Mt Pleasant, SC.

Sexual Satisfaction

  • Approximately 43% of women have difficulty achieving and orgasm.  Another study found almost 89% of women fake an orgasm.  That shouldn’t be you.
  • With the O-Shot® at Solcara Health in Mt Pleasant, SC, you can use the power of platelet-rich plasma to safely and naturally make your genitalia more sensitive to the touch and improve your sexual satisfaction and change the “Oh no" into "OMG!”.

Vaginal Dryness

  • Vaginal dryness is present when the tissues of the vagina are no longer well-lubricated.
  • This can be related to the hormonal shifts associated with menopause and peri-menopause, or can be something women notice after childbirth.
  • When these symptoms are caused by a decreased amount of estrogen in a woman’s body, this problem is called atrophic vaginitis. Not only does the vaginal tissue feel dry, but it also looses its elasticity, thus resulting in painful intercourse.
  • The O-Shot® increases your natural vaginal lubrication.

The procedure details

What it Treats
• Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation

• Pinker, younger, color of the vulva

• Stronger, more frequent orgasm

• Decreased pain during sexual intercourse

• Increased natural lubrication

• Improved symptoms of urinary incontinence

• Reduced inflammation in the condition lichen sclerosus


Procedure Time
30 minutes


Recovery Time
Minimal to none

Our clients tell us that it is a little uncomfortable and that they experience pressure but not pain. The whole area receives freezing prior to the procedure.

There’s not any reason to increase the frequency of your O-Shots with Solcara Health.

We recommend returning when you notice a drop in your sensitivity and the other benefits from the O-Shot®.

So, while there isn’t a limit to how often you can have an O-Shot® (after all, we are only injecting platelet-rich plasma created from your own blood), you won’t see your results multiple with more frequent injections.


Side Effects
Minimal to none

There isn’t any prescribed downtime after the O-Shot®, but there can be some soreness at the site of injection for a day or so. Patients can return to work or other activities almost immediately.

how does the o-shot® work?

The O-Shot® at Solcara Health in Mt Pleasant, SC works to rejuvenate skin and muscles to improve orgasm, vaginal lubrication, and urinary incontinence.

The O-Shot® is an injection therapy, using your body's own blood derived growth factors. Platelet rich plasma is an amazing substance manufactured by your body.

What is PRP?   

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is isolated from the patient’s own blood using a centrifuge. Activation of the PRP results in release of at least 8 different growth factors that would normally be used to heal injured tissue.

These growth facts work like magic to increase collagen and elastin, promote angiogenesis (or the formation of new blood vessels), improve blood flow, and promote formation of new nerve endings.

We inject the PRP into the affected area. The cells we inject act like repair cells, re-introducing lost elasticity and repairing damaged tissue.  They also increase lubrication, which is an almost universal problem for women as they age. They help to tighten loose tissues responsible for urinary incontinence. The PRP can even increase interest in sex for some patients.

To elevate the effects of O-Shot®, we can combine therapy with other treatments, like vaginal rejuvenation, and bioidentical hormone treatments.  Ask the professionals at Solcara Health about combining treatments to elevate the effect of the O-Shot®.

Process & Results - O-SHOT®

Step 1. Draw a Blood Sample

First, a small amount of blood is drawn from your arm.


Step 2. Prepare the PRP

Using a centrifuge, platelet rich plasma (or PRP) is isolated from the blood sample, all within about 15 minutes in the office. The platelets are then “activated” to release at least eight growth factors that would normally be used to heal injured tissue.


Step 3. Inject the PRP

After numbing cream is applied to the vaginal area, the doctor uses a small needle anesthetize the nerves leading to the clitoris. Then, a small needle is used to carefully and gently place precise amounts of PRP in the structures responsible for the female orgasm and pleasure. Patients report that they feel no pain during the O-Shot® at Solcara Health in Mt Pleasant, SC!


Step 4. Vaginal Tissues are Regenerated

The healing and growth factors cause new cell growth and vascularization to occur over several months. Tissues become more supple, sensitive and elastic. They thicken and produce more lubrication when stimulated.


Step 5. Results

It typically takes about 12 weeks to see the full effect, and some women may require a series of two or three O-Shot® treatments, spaced 8 to 12 weeks in between, to reach their desired potential.

60% of women improve after the first O-Shot® and approximately 85% are thrilled after their second O-Shot® at Solcara Health in Mt Pleasant, SC.

After about 8-12 weeks, you’ll notice an improvement in stress urinary incontinence and enhanced pleasure during intercourse.

The effects of the O-Shot® last about 12-18 months. Some women combine the O-Shot® with Acoustic Wave Therapy, Vaginal Rejuvenation laser treatments, and Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy for enhanced results.

Hear from Ashley

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why choose solcara health for the O-shot®?

Some practices see the O-Shot® as just another procedure, but Ashley Harwyn, PA-C, sees this as a perfect part of Solcara Health's overall mission to make a positive difference in our patients’ lives.​

Ashley Harwyn, PA-C is a Licensed & Certified O-Shot® Provider.  Only Certified O-Shot® Providers may administer the O-Shot®.

Ashley Harwyn, PA-C, has received extensive training by Dr. Charles Runels, the inventor of the O-Shot®.   ​

Please Beware! The Orgasm Shot® (O-Shot®) procedure is a very specific method of using blood-derived growth factors to rejuvenate the vagina to help relieve women with urinary incontinence and sex problems.  Anyone who uses either name (O-Shot® or Orgasm Shot®) who is not certified to do the procedure, is violating laws, & should not be trusted. ​Not all PRP processing methods are the same. 

The PRP processing method Solcara Health utilizes helps us achieve the highest growth factor concentration for optimal results.

Ashley Harwyn of Solcara Health

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