ozone therapy

ozone therapy

What are the benefits and who is it for?

Ozone Therapy is a non-FDA approved investigative therapy that has gained popularity in recent years, especially at Solcara Health. This alternative treatment involves the use of medical-grade ozone gas to promote healing and improve overall health. While still considered controversial by some, many individuals have reported positive results from this therapy.

One of the core benefits of ozone therapy is its ability to activate mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells. By increasing mitochondrial activity, ozone therapy can improve energy levels and reduce fatigue in patients. This makes it a valuable treatment option for individuals dealing with chronic fatigue or recovering from surgery or injury.

Another targeted audience for ozone therapy includes those with autoimmune conditions. Ozone has been shown to have immunomodulatory effects, meaning it can help regulate and balance the immune system. This makes it a potentially helpful option for for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and multiple sclerosis.

Additionally, ozone therapy has been found to improve skin health and appearance. It can stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation, and support detoxification processes in the skin. This makes it a great option for individuals with skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis.

How does it work?

Ozone gas is mixed with a patient's own blood and then reinfused into the body. This creates a powerful mixture that can combat inflammation, boost oxygen delivery to tissues, and support detoxification processes in the body. These evidence-based mechanisms make it a promising therapy for a variety of health concerns.

Ozone therapy is a unique and innovative treatment option that can provide many benefits to individuals seeking alternative therapies. Whether you are dealing with chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions, or skin issues, our team at Solcara Health is dedicated to providing safe and potentially helpful options to support your health journey.

We offer a range of Ozone Therapy options tailored to your unique needs.

Ozone Therapy we offer


Major Auto-Hemotherapy (MAH) is an innovative technique that involves withdrawing a small amount of your blood, infusing it with ozone, and reintroducing it into your body. MAH has shown remarkable success in combating infections, autoimmune disorders, and enhancing circulation, all while bolstering your antioxidant defenses.

Rectal Infusion

Rectal infusions of ozone therapy involve the introduction of a small amount of ozone gas into the rectum for therapeutic purposes. This method is used to treat viral, fungal and bacterial infections as well as alleviate digestive issues like constipation and irritable bowel syndrome, plus reduce pelvic inflammation and pain. This method also helps ozonates (the biproduct of Ozone) travel directly to the liver to help inflammatory liver conditions. Research also suggests that rectal ozone infusions may be beneficial in treating various gastrointestinal disorders.

Vaginal Infusion

Vaginal infusions of ozone therapy involve introducing a small amount of ozone gas into the vagina for therapeutic purposes. This method is used to treat bacterial infections, relieve menstrual pain, and even reduce symptoms related to menopause. Additionally, it can be used to improve and possibly help Interstitial Cystitis and may overall help reduce inflammation in the pelvic region.

Topical Oils/Salves

Topical ozone therapy involves applying oil and salves infused with ozone gas directly to the skin. This method is used to treat various skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Additionally, it can be used to help reduce inflammation in the affected area and improve circulation in the skin. Research also suggests that topical ozone may have antibacterial and antiviral properties that can help to ward off infection.

Hair Topical for Regrowth

Hair topical infusions of ozone therapy involve applying oils and salves infused with ozone gas directly to the scalp. At Solcara Health, this method is used in combination with one of our other hair restoration modalities (Alma TED, FotonaHair laser, PRP) to help stimulate hair regrowth and improve blood circulation in the scalp. Additionally, it may help reduce inflammation on the scalp and fight off any fungal or bacterial infections that could be impeding hair growth. Research also suggests that hair topical ozone may help keep the scalp healthy and aid in hair regrowth.

Oral Capsules

Oral capsules of ozone therapy involve taking a pill containing ozone gas. This method is used to help boost the immune system and fight off viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. These capsules double as anti-inflammatory agents and may even enhance cognitive function while offering antioxidant protection. Boost your immune system and shield yourself against infections with ozone therapy in a convenient pill form.

Our mission is to "Lively Up Your Health" and transform lives through the incredible potential of Ozone Therapy.

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